The Pyrenees is Designed to be a capable working tool. All of the design choices are made with this end goal in mind. The steel I have selected for this purpose is CPM Magnacut. It excels in toughness and corrosion resistance. I run this steel at 62.5-63.5 HRC which delivers excellent edge retention. It is a well-balanced steel that doesn’t push one property to its extreme at the cost of others. For a tool that will likely be used for a variety of tasks this balance is ideal.

The blade rides on custom made nylatron washers. This material offers an excellent feel without sacrificing durability. It has self lubricating properties and is resistant to almost all chemicals. It will not oxidize when exposed to water. When properly lubricated it is extremely difficult for dirt or debris to work its way under the washers. I believe this material is ideal for the intended use case.

The newest iteration (V3) features a hardened stainless lock insert with built in overtravel stop. While this certainly complicates the manufacturing process the benefits can’t be ignored. The knife is designed such that no screws are threaded into the frame. If a knife is damaged due to improper disassembly or reassembly this will make the repair or replacement significantly easier and less expensive. 

The large 5/32” stop pin and threaded barrels are all hardened for maximum wear resistance. All hardware is 6AL4V titanium. The Pyrenees is proudly made in my shop, in Canada. 
Weight 5.1oz
Blade stock 0.145"
Overall length 8-3/8"
Blade length 3.5"
Closed length 4-7/8"
Lanyard Hole 0.200"

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